Do you find yourself perplexed by the world around you and the people that inhabit it? Does everything just disappoint or frustrate you? Then you need Stuck-Up; a sticker pack for the cynically minded. Express yourself by pointing out everything that is wrong in the world. 
-Confused or annoyed by all the hashtags young people are using these days? Set those symbols alight with the #burn sticker. 
-Tired of being sent lazy jokes copied from the internet? Bury those humourless characters with the LOL grave. 
-Generally disapprove of 99% of the things you are sent every day? Use the cute dog sticker to soften the blow of urinating on those tiresome messages. 
Indifferently crafted by Illustrator, Jay Taylor, this pack includes 30 stickers to cover all of your disapproving needs. 
Disclaimer: Stuck-Up is not suitable for people of a cheery disposition.
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